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El Dorado Chamber Bucks
Need a gift for an employee, customer, friend, or family member? Give them El Dorado Chamber Bucks! These gift checks can be used to purchase merchandise, products and services at over 100 local businesses. 

Please help support keeping shopping dollars in El Dorado by purchasing El Dorado Chamber Bucks

What Are El Dorado Chamber Bucks?
El Dorado Chamber Bucks can be used for any occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, employee incentives, achievement awards, or holiday bonuses. 

These gift checks can be redeemed at numerous businesses around town for whatever the recipient desires. A list of retail businesses who accept EL Dorado Chamber Bucks is included with each check. 

Why Should I purchase El Dorado Chamber Bucks? 
Your El Dorado Chamber of Commerce is working hard to keep shopping dollars in El Dorado. El Dorado Chamber Bucks strongly encourages people to shop locally which, in turn, strengthens our economy and supports business growth. 

Where Do I Get El Dorado Chamber Bucks? 
El Dorado Chamber Bucks can be purchased in denominations of $10 or $25 at no cost other than the face value of the check. They are available at:

El Dorado Chamber of Commerce Office
201 E. Central Ave
El Dorado, KS 67042

between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on weekdays. Please call ahead for orders to ensure timely completion.  

How Can My Business Participate in the El Dorado Chamber Buck Program? 
There is no cost to participate! Participating businesses will be listed on the Chamber’s website, the card included with each check purchased, and included in all other El Dorado Chamber Bucks marketing materials. That’s free advertising! Plus when you hang your El Dorado Membersip Decal on your door, it has a check mark box to show consumers that you support and participate in this program.  

El Dorado Chamber Buck Program Guarantee
Same as Cash—Even Exchange of $
Value of Check is guaranteed by the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce.
Available all Year Round!

Contact the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce at 316-321-3150 for additional information or to get your membership decal today! 

Thank you for your support of the
El Dorado Chamber Buck Program!