Ribbon Cutting Toolbox

A ribbon cutting is a great way to introduce your business to the community and your fellow Chamber members. This tool kit will help you prepare for your event. It can be as simple, informal, extravagant or ceremonious as you want it to be. It's your event and it should reflect your company's personality.

The El Dorado Chamber provides several resources to help you create a memorable event:
  • Oversized scissors and ribbon for day of event
  • A list of caterers, printers, florists, photographers and more is available in our online member directory
  • An event checklist that can be used as a guideline for planning.
  •  We will post the date on our member calendar event 
  • We will send out a special invitation by email to all Chamber members, city commissioners, and more! 
  • We will Invite the local paper.
  • To purchase an address list or labels of additional Chamber members, please call 316-321-3150
Please carefully review the information provided through the links above.

Have a great event!