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Car Show VENDOR Registration Form

  1. All Spaces are on a first come first serve basis. The Organizational Committee has the right to refuse any entry. Set up time will begin at 12:00pm. All vendors must be torn down by 6:00pm. All vendors are responsible for their area of clean-up. All vendors are required to remain for the entire show due to safety rules and regulations. No refunds will be given after cancellation of September 1, 2016.

  2. Waiver Release

    This must be signed and submitted for your group to participate. Please note; submission of this form acts as a signature that all information recorded is correct and the applicant hereby waives any and all claims for damages to persons or property and releases the City of El Dorado and the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce, its agents, and employees, and all other persons assisting in the conduct of this show, from any liability due to any personal injury, or otherwise, which may be suffered by entrant, whether or not caused by negligence of the City of El Dorado or the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce.

  3. I have read the waiver and agree to all terms and conditions.

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